Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Piled Higher and Deeper

Although I mostly try to avoid whining here about my day-to-day stress and to-do lists, every few months I feel like I could use a cathartic public display of the things that wake me up in a panic.

Today is May 16th, by this time next month 3 huge mountains have to be summitted. And I am going to be on the road for 2 of the intervening weeks. I leave May 26th, so there are certain number of things which must be accomplished before I leave because of access to computer programs and facilities. The rest, theoretically, could be done while traveling, but days and evenings are pretty full up already. My chest gets tight just thinking about it.

Paper 1 (revise and resubmit) The journal gave me three months to deal with the edits, but suddenly that doesn't seem enough. I only have until June 7.
  1. Figure 1 needs some final tinkering.
  2. Figure 8 needs to be completely redrafted (before 5/26).
  3. Last major group of reviewer comments/complaints must be addressed. This involves redoing a major piece of data analysis (once I figure out what they want) and then rewriting the methods, results, and discussion sections that describe it.
  4. Table 3 needs to be redone to reflect the changes resulting from number 2.
  5. Text edits needs to be completed throughout the paper.
  6. My response to the reviewer comments needs to be written.
  7. The paper needs to be resubmitted.
Project 3 formerly: grant-on-the-side; now: part of my diss.; consequence: long-term stress decrease, short term panic
  1. Trip plans must be completed (before 5/26)
  2. Regression modeling needs to be redone (before 5/26)
  3. Figures for poster/paper need to be drafted (before 5/26)
  4. Poster layout should be tentatively in place so I know what figures I'll need (before 5/26)
  5. Rough draft of the paper needs to be written so I know what figures I'll need and so the co-authors have at least a nominal chance to offer comments (before 5/26)
  6. Poster must be printed, conference begins (6/7)
  7. Paper must be submitted for inclusion in special volume resulting from conf. (6/16)
Codename: HeadacheThe pre-doc post-doc
  1. Plane tix must be bought (Chica - Can I stay with you the 29th-2nd?) (5/18)
  2. Experimental design must be finalized and apparatus built (5/26)
Balls that will be dropped
  1. The mostly completed draft of Paper 2 that's been sitting on my computer for the past month.
  2. The field sites I haven't been to since February.
  3. The presentation to the funding agency (damn it, that's what advisors are supposed to do.)
  4. The biking, dog walking, eating well, and sleeping
  5. Taking Sunday off.
  6. Blogging?


turtlebella said...

OK, it's stressing me out to read *your* to-do list (not to mention mine). I so know that waking up in a panic so I empathize. Good luck with getting everything done and have a good trip!

brother said...

There's a lot to do here too, sister. Let me tell you: making one of something is fun, making 10 of something is okay, but making 100 of something is really time consuming and boring. I leave for my trade show tomorrow and I haven't even begun to write and print my flyers, put together my display, or any of those dozens of things that need to be done. But I did get some really nifty cardboard boxes today. I hate making stuff in bulk, but I do love getting 100 flat little cardboard sheets and spending an hour making them into boxes. Now I have a big stack of boxes that just need to be filled with product.

skookumchick said...

Yikes, that looks horrible. Thanks for sharing it though, so those of us in the same boat (I might be off in a little corner of the boat, or on the dinghy hanging out in the back) know someone else's lungs are also being squeezed tight... time for some deep breathing, and good vibes for getting it done. And maybe time for someone to invent that remote control where we can fast-forward to next Tuesday (or after June 16 in your case) and somehow everything will have gotten done... but until that happens, good luck!

Writer Chica said...

You betcha you can stay with me! Isn't the 29th Memorial Day? We are having a BBQ here that day and I'll be glad to have to join us. (Assuming you're here in the afternoon) I'll prep the room for ya. Any particular groceries you would like for the week? Can't wait to see you. (I could do general text edits for your paper while you are here.)

Brother: Neat to hear from you. I keep telling my husband he needs to check out your site and email you. Maybe when he's done with his infernal class.

Bet you're wondering why I'm posting at 4 in the morning. Well, Chicita had to eat and this is apparently the only time my internet decides to consistently work. Ugh.

See you soon, best of luck with all your stuff. I'll take a few deep breathes for you.


Writer Chica said...

oops, there is supposed to be a period after that first set of parentheses. I'll prep the room no matter when you get here. hehehe