Monday, February 13, 2006

Job Search Ettiquette

The Scenario: Job app sent in November, letters requested in December, letters due on January 1. It's now mid-February and I haven't heard anything. This is the one place I actually had dared to set my heart on. With my 1 interview in 3 weeks and the specific circumstances of that search, I expect to either get an offer or a rejection in the next 6 weeks. And I want to know whether I should hold out hope on this one.

The Question: Is it ever appropriate/acceptable to inquire about the status of the search process? If so, is now the time? If so, should I call/email the search chair or my friend on the faculty (but not the search committee)?

And in return for all of the helpful advice I am sure my more sage readers will give me, I offer this to those who will soon or someday follow my footsteps. The 100+ questions you should ask or will be asked when you get an interview.


Jane said...

It's totally appropriate to inquire at this point. In fact, schools "should" expect some of this, since it's heavy interview season now and people have offers/other interviews on the table. (I did this myself when I got interviews at places that were near other places I had applied--schools like to save money and not having to fly candidates cross-country unnecessarily saves money.) You don't even have to give a reason for your request. I'd suggest sending an email first; if you don't get a response (you should) within a week, then I'd try calling.

Good luck!

Prof. Me said...

I agree with Jane. In fact, in many of my acknowledgement letters ("we've received your application and will begin the review process shortly...") the schools specifically stated that I was free to inquire about the status of the search at any time. I'd dash off a quick email today.

post-doc said...

I'm late! I miss so much when I don't check blogs at work!

In my experience, people are pleased to hear from you - it reinforces you interest and lets them know you have other people interested (which can work wonders for some hard-to-get reason). I'd go straight to the chair with a professional, polite, friendly email and communicate your continued interest. Your friend can be your back-up if chair doesn't respond promptly.

Let me know how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

In the real world it is expected that you make contact with the instution you wish to work for after intial contact or aceptance of resume either by a thank you note or a phone call of inquire.

good luck

love Mr. Man

ScienceWoman said...

OK - I sent off an email:

Dear Dr. Soandso

I am a candidate for the -ology position in your department, and I was hoping you could update me on the status of your search process. I am very much interested in the position at UWIRTW, but I have an upcoming interview at Big School and wanted to know what your timeline for interviewing and decision-making looked like.


Now we'll see if I get any reply. There's a few other places I'm also curious about, but their letters were due back more recently so I think I'll wait a while.

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