Friday, December 09, 2005

more postcards

• in your research statement - be specific enough that the search committee
knows that you know what you are talking about but not so techincal that they
can't understand the jargon and may think that it is not a big idea. If you can
you could say "et al and et al have said this but my data make me think this..."
that will be persuasive that you have a good idea and know what you are talking
• if you get one job interested in you, you should be sure to let the places you
are interested in working know that you have a competing offer/expression of
interest. For some reason, that will increase everyone's desire to employ you.
Of course, the trick is getting that first fish on the hook. (pardon the
• a friend of mine has been able to nicely summarize one science thing that she
has learned each day of the conference...I've been trying to sit in talks and
figure out how to remember the 1 thing I've learned. I did well yesterday, but
today was a wash.
• I've been encouraged to apply for an Ivy League job by a faculty member in the
department. Not a post-doc mind you, but a TT job. And in that related
engineering field. It seems so ridiculous, but what the hell.
• I gave my talk today and I had a bad bad case of the nerves. In me these
nerves cause a tightness and tickle of the throat that leads to spasmodic
coughing. Not as bad as last time, but still rather embarrasing. I knew it was
going to happen and I still couldn't talk my brain/body out of it.
• But after the talk, while watching another nervous grad student present, I
compiled a list of the most common symptoms of stage fright:
o coughing (check!)
o talking very very quickly (I don't think I do?)
o wild laser pointer behavior (No!)
o apologizing when you mis-speak or pause (hopefully not too much)
o blushing (likely)
o profusely sweating (yes, unfortunately)
o umms and errs (no?)
o tongue clicks
• last night's conversation with potential prestigious post-doc advisor seemed
to go very well, although we didn't get to really concrete plans. And
unfortunately the next NSF proposal deadline in my field isn't for 6 months.
And the reprecussion of that is that I wouldn't know whether or not our
proposal got funded until around the time of my defense....which means that I
would either be facing the possibility of unemployment, or having to take a
second-choice post-doc. I suppose I might get an actual job, but that's feeling
very remote right now. I can totally empathize with Ms. PhD and her math/month
thinking right now.

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