Tuesday, October 11, 2005

thank you

I have been overwhelmed in the past few days by the tremendous outpouring of support from my friends and readers of my blog. Thank you all for keeping my husband and I in your thoughts. I just want to let you know that we are okay - my husband's job is still tenuous, I'm still overworked (aren't we all), and we won't know anything about baby stuff until the end of the month. But a delightful visit from Geobabe, comments, emails, and phone calls from ya'll, a little retail therapy (in honor of husband's birthday), and one completed job application later, I'm feeling a lot sunnier.

This afternoon I am off to theoretically help a middle school teacher improve her inquiry-based geology curriculum. I've got the introduction on my paper rewritten, and now need to redo the discussion section. Had hoped to work on that this afternoon, but the teacher visit got added to my schedule at the last minute. Also, I still don't have my normal computer back, and Endnote has chosen this time to be uncooperative (not integrating the refs cited in old version with those in new version). But tonight is gilmore girls, apple crisp, and clean laundry. And I'll be doing fine.

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