Monday, October 17, 2005

Meme too

I started this when I should have been working but I'm finishing it a day later - is that improvement?...a meme seen lots of places but most recently at See Jane Compute. The idea is to google "[your name] needs] and see what results you get. So here goes.

  1. [Sciencewoman] needs a job. (spot on!, the only thing that would have been better for #1 is "needs to stop procrastinating and finish her Ph.D.)
  2. [Sciencewoman] needs a room. (as I am currently on a business trip without my husband, I am not sure how to interpret this one)
  3. [Sciencewoman] needs a group of at least 6 people (for what I'm not sure, perhaps this explains #2)
  4. [Sciencewoman] needs to be where the action is. (I guess that's true, but then again maybe not, I think there's enough underlying this one to provide material for a whole post. Remind me of that.)
  5. [Sciencewoman] needs your support. (actually I am okay, thanks to my friends, you are all wonderful)
  6. [Sciencewoman] needs this yesterday. (what? what did I forget? I think it should have said, "needs to get this done yesterday")
  7. [Sciencewoman] needs to provide the current working draft. (to her 3rd author and S to edit? Done!)
  8. [Sciencewoman] needs love. (that's why I've got a dog)
  9. [Sciencewoman] needs help to free the musical spirit of Azerbaijani youngsters. (apparently I have some pretty specific, niche needs that I didn't know about).
  10. [Sciencewoman] needs help!!! (exclamation points NOT added for emphasis)

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Kyle said...

"(apparently I have some pretty specific, niche needs that I didn't know about)."

Very funny! Maybe you have some relations there you weren't aware of?