Saturday, October 29, 2005


Why am I such a lump? If I start to think of all the stuff I need to get done this week, this fall, this year...I get almost panicked. But 99% of the time I feel like a useless energy-less lump. Today I picked a fight with Husband for no reason at all, and I am feeling very resentful toward my stay-at-home mother-in-law, who apparently is "overwhelmingly busy" with her myriad of redecorating projects. Maybe if I could actually get a routine, spending a week or more "in the office" and at home in my own bed, I'd feel better, but for the foreseeable future I'll be spending far more time away from home than at it. And those job app deadlines keep getting closer.

Sorry, I'll have a better post on Monday.

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phd me said...

Is there something in the water? I echo the lump-y feeling. It's a beautiful fall day; I have a manageable dissertation chapter due in a week; I have five job applications to finish and stick in the mail; and I just want to curl up on the couch and go to sleep.

Good luck with everything. You're going through a difficult time, so you're bound to have some lumpy days. Be kind to yourself, get the support you need from those you love, and let us know how you're doing.