Wednesday, August 31, 2005

less selfish today

I'm feeling better today and quite sheepish about being so selfish yesterday when all those people in the South were up to their necks in misery (literally in some cases). More so than even the tsunami, this one strikes home, partly because I was in New Orleans in May and partly because I know that a lot of these people had a standard of living comparable to mine only a few days ago and now they have nothing. I wish there was something substantial I could do to help, but I feel like if I were to go down there, I'd just be one more person needing food, shelter and water. I have such respect for the people who can and do give of themselves. They must need hundreds of doctors, engineers, bus drivers, etc. And in the long run they'll need people with my specialty, but right now I'm not sure they do. So I guess as soon as the website lets me through, I'll give money to the red cross.

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