Sunday, August 07, 2005

competing demands

I've got one more week to go on this teaching gig, and while it's definitely been a good experience, I'll be quite happy when its over. The number of things that I have had to let slide lately has really been starting to weigh on me. I've gotten 2 talkings-to from my advisor in the past month about my (lack of) research productivity and how I need papers to get jobs. (But as my friend points, this is coming from the man who takes 6+ months to reply to emails!) Plus, I just got an email from another graduate student saying that she had found some of my field equipment out of place and that it looks like someone had been messing with it. And I can't even get up there to check things out for another week! I'm pissed, scared, and there's nothing I can do about it right now. I've got class all 5 days this coming week, and my field site is too far away to visit in less than a full day. Damn!

Deep breaths. I guess I should just go back to lecture writing. No use crying over something I can't do anything about right now. (life lesson for the summer it seems)

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Anonymous said...

Sweetie, I felt like crying when I just read your post! It sounds like you've been having a totally tough week. And, although it's tempting to remind you that there are more important things in life than publishing and approval, I won't because I don't believe it, either, when I am in the throes of academia. So just hold on tight, try to make the most out of your current teaching experience, and remember that this, too shall pass. If you need to scream randomly, feel free to call me - all I can do is listen, but I can do that a lot if it helps. :)L